The Lintcifer Demo

by Lint

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Featuring additional vocal support from visual artist Anne Cairns.


released May 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Lint Toronto, Ontario

bedroom blues, lonely tunes, and things to hear with booze.

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Track Name: Live fast, die bummed
Twilight drinking
You said you'd been thinking
That we need some others for under the covers

I stumble to pour a drink

You've got to leave time
for all of the others
We'll see each other
When the bar is closed again
Track Name: These sailors haven't got a clue!
We'll drive to the seaside
and drink rum until it feels right
We'll dip our feet in Glasgow
and dine our livers in Tokyo

We'll try not to fake it
With warm beer to chase it
We'll dip our feet in Glasgow
and dine our livers in Tokyo

Why don't you hate me
I think I'm lazy
Why won't you chase me
Where did you go
How don't you know

We'll all be drowned in the ocean
We'll all find a time and a place
We'll all be drowned in the ocean
We're all trapped
Stuck in place
Track Name: Puking on a strangers lawn
All of my friends are poets and depressed
They drink to their thoughts and can't ask for less
All of my friends are in this mess
They pull heart strings to tear your chest

They vomit their hearts to page
Live in this phase

Broken ribs for broken minds
Bathroom meetings will bear its time
Chests left clear
standing by the mirror
As belts fall down and the headroom clears
Track Name: Fun in the $kum
We're drinking mid day in my friends room
and taking rum shots with the scum too
Spitting on each other is a fucking must
Life's always better with a layer of crust

We don't care who'll be there
We just want fun
We don't care who'll be there
We'll just get drunk

We'll get smashed and so will your house
Give us your booze and thanks when we're out

I don't think we'll be speaking
much this season at all
Track Name: This walk home is a treacherous one
The crosswalks and train stops remind us of failed plots
to search for a chance to be free
My palms read that I've seen the end of this nightly
but I can't find a place to sleep

I've got no chance to find the courage
To take the first jump or form my last stance
and you've got no way to take this nicely
You've got no way

I've tried to live with virtue and do what I can
but I cant cope with the good and the bad
I've seen it all before and I can't quite get out
I'll never escape all of this time